W.A.R.S.: After-Action Report

Back to the office yesterday after my “sabbatical”. The hip injury is much improved—I can run without pain for the first time in months, huzzah!–and I cracked out over sixty pages of Blue Karma. That’s more progress in two weeks than I would normally see in two months. I also laid out the rest of the story, so I’m in good shape to draft it by year’s end. Having a completed manuscript would be a fantastic way to launch the new year!

Having time to devote to writing led to some interesting revelations about myself as a writer:

  • Lack of structure is my enemy. After years in the workforce, I’m accustomed to routine. Being at loose ends all day hinders my productivity. If/when I’m fortunate enough to become a full-time novelist, I’ll have to establish “writing hours” or something to focus my day.
  • I seem to crank out a consistent five pages per day. Sometimes it takes two hours, sometimes all day, but that seems to be my daily average. Doesn’t seem like a lot, but five pages multiplied by 30 days is 150 pages a month, or a 300-page manuscript every two months. Not a bad rate of production! Knowing my rate helps me set realistic goals and dates.
  • Writing for days on end gets isolating. Not that my characters aren’t good company, but spending all day in my own head gets claustrophobic. It’s noisy in there. By the time my laddie got home from work, I was ready to chew his ear off talking (worse than usual) because I missed the proximity of other people. Granted, I’m an extrovert—introverted writers may not have this problem. Maintaining a hobby that gets me out and about will be critical when I get to the full-time writer level.

So two weeks well-spent, both in productivity and self-discovery. The trick now is getting back into a normal work rhythm that includes writing. I’m so close to the end, I’m writing segments of the epilogue in my head. Luckily it’s federal holiday season, so I’ll have a few long weekends to spend with Logan, Amaya, and Paul.

What do you think?

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