First draft complete!

Frodo meme

Frodo pretty well captures how I feel at this moment. Battered and weary, but the ordeal is over. It took about a year, but the first draft of Blue Karma is finished. I expected that typing the final words would be triumphant, elating, an excuse to open that bottle of cheap Australian wine I’ve been hoarding since my cousin’s wedding in 2002. Instead there’s only a vague satisfaction and relief, not unlike how I feel after finishing my taxes.

Maybe it just hasn’t hit me yet. I just finished the first draft of my first novel! After a decade of aspiration, it’s hard to process the actual accomplishment. Or perhaps I know how much work has yet to be done. Those 300 inconsistently formatted pages are but clay, and will require a lot of shaping before the final piece is complete. Plus, as a perfectionist and ruthless self-critic, there’s a chance my whole project will implode during revision.

Tempting as it is to ride my momentum and jump right into editing, I know I need a break before I can be truly objective. I start my new job tomorrow, so it will be easy to put the draft aside for a week or two and focus on other things (like this neglected blog). Once I get some distance from the story, I can wield the red pen with impugnity.

Last year, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to complete the draft of a novel. Somehow I never thought I would check that off the list, but I did (okay, technically it was a few days late because I had to write an epilogue, but it’s still the new year’s weekend, so I’m counting it). My goal for 2015 is to publish this book…and start working on another one!

What do you think?

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