“Blue Karma” now available on Amazon Kindle!

It’s finally here! I’ve released myBK Cover w Text - May 15 debut novel, Blue Karma, for Amazon Kindle. Those of you who’ve followed my blog know I worked on the project for over a year, so reaching this point is tremendously gratifying for me. I keep searching the title in Amazon and staring at the entry because I still can’t believe I published a book. Seeing my name and face on an author page is surreal!

Proud as I am of this accomplishment, I don’t see it as the end of a journey, but rather the beginning. A dozen more stories are queued up in my head, jostling for their chance at the page. I set myself the goal of publishing my first book before age 30 and I made it with 11 months to spare. That’s a lot of writing time…so let’s go for two! Yes, I know what I’m writing next and I’ve already begun research. Teasers coming soon!

Meanwhile, check out Blue Karma and let me know what you think. I hope many of you will read and enjoy the story. If you do, please consider reviewing it on Amazon or Goodreads, recommending it to a friend, or giving it a shout-out through your social media. Happy readers are the best advertising for an indie author. More importantly, hearing your feedback will further my growth as a writer. Don’t let my English degree fool you–I have no pretensions of writing the “great American novel”. I aspire to write books that give people entertainment, enjoyment, and something to think about. Here’s hoping Blue Karma offers all of that to you!

What do you think?

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