Those who are about to be reviewed salute you

Yesterday’s free book promotion resulted in more downloads of Blue Karma than I anticipated! I compulsively refreshed the sales report all day long, watching the line graph expand to steeper and steeper angles. I don’t know nearly that many people, so it wasn’t just the friends and family I nagged into picking up a copy. My shameless advertisements on Amazon’s author forums must’ve worked. As a means of exposure, the promotion proved highly effective.

The good news? 75 people are now reading my novel.

The bad news? 75 people are now reading my novel.

It seems contradictory, I know. The whole object of publishing a book is to have others read it. But for an indie author making her debut, the excitement of new readership comes shadowed with anxiety. When those 75 people begin posting reviews (and I hope many of them will) their ratings could determine the fate of my writing launch.

General approval would provide a great foundation on which to continue building my author platform. An unfavorable reception, however, would hinder not only the success of Blue Karma, but my subsequent books (I’m already working on my second one). So in my imagination, those 75 readers look something like this:

My draft readers all enjoyed Blue Karma, but are they representative of the larger Kindle-reading demographic? I’ll just have to wait and see. And I’ve never been a patient person. No matter which way the thumb falls, I’m proud of having completed my first novel. “Exegi monumentum aere perennius,” as Horace said: I have erected a monument more lasting than bronze. In the Stygian mire of the internet, my ebook becomes immortal. Yikes. That thought is even scarier than the judgment of the 75!

What do you think?

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