Review of “Blue Karma” on emdoesbookreviews

I recently sent a promo copy of Blue Karma to the delightfully articulate Emma, avid reader behind the emdoesbookreviews blog. She posted her review today. I’m not ashamed to admit, I’m thrilled: not only did she enjoy the book, she provided some of the most comprehensive feedback I’ve gotten since completing the manuscript, which is tremendously helpful. Emma, thanks so much! I encourage anyone curious about my story to read her thorough (and author-certified spoiler-free) review. While you’re there, check out her other book reviews and expand your summer reading list.

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  1. Hello J.K.! I’m just replying to your wonderful offer of sending me a review copy of Blue Karma! I’d love to read and review it, and I’m totally up for a collab guest post with Emma if she is, too! I’m sending my email to you in a Goodreads private message. (Also, feel free to delete this comment.) All the best! –Mallory

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