20% off Scrivener software

Last month I downloaded the free trial of Scrivener to help me format Blue Karma for publication. It proved to be a fantastic tool not just for compiling ebooks, but for writing in general. I’ve already begun drafting my next novel in Scrivener and it has transformed my writing experience: gone are the scattered documents of notes and scenes, the clunky 300-page manuscript that takes forever to scroll through. Now my project is easy to organize and rearrange. The efficiency expedites my writing, and the orderliness makes my obsessive-compulsive German heart sing.

Isn’t this better than juggling dozens of disparate documents as you write your novel?

So I ponied up for the registered copy, but not without browsing for a coupon code first (aforementioned German heart also loves frugality). I found one that gave me 20% off!  I don’t know how long the offer will last, but if you’ve ever been tempted to try Scrivener, now’s the time to do it. Type in promo code WORDSWITHJAM at checkout to put a great piece of productivity software on your computer and an extra $9 in your pocket. I’m still learning to use the many fine features of Scrivener, but I’ve devised several formatting hacks that I hope to share with you soon!


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