My next book!

To all of you in the blogosphere who’ve suffered weeks of shameless teasers, and to people close to me who’ve endured a month of indecision and unedited draft chapters, I’m pleased to introduce…my next novel.

Or should I say, my next three novels?

Yes, the reason I hesitated about tackling this project is because it’s a trilogy. Committing to three books is considerably more onerous than committing to one. But my “writey sense” is tingling, telling me it’s the right time for this story. (Recent news turned the hourglass on this project, much as the drought crises last year finally goaded me into finishing Blue Karma; nothing motivates like the threat of your cool futuristic story idea becoming non-fiction.)

Syzygy features cli-fi themes, but explores them in a more classic science fiction context. I’m already into the third chapter and have a solid map for the rest. Improved planning–one of the innumerable lessons I learned from writing Blue Karma–will hopefully expedite the drafting process. With lots of hard work and some luck, this baby could be in your Christmas stockings, but more likely it will arrive early next year. I’m excited to delve into a new story and share it with you as it unfolds. Check out the synopsis of Syzygy and  let me know what you think in the comments!

What do you think?

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