Reader Reactions: Book bloggers discuss Blue Karma, Pt 1

I’m excited to bring you this guest trilogy from the first two independent reviewers to read Blue Karma! Book bloggers Emma (from emdoesbookreviews) and Mallory (from The Leaning Tower of Tomes) kindly agreed to write a collaborative post discussing their thoughts on the book. Rather than abridge their conversation, I’m going to deliver it in installments:

  • Part 1: Cli-fi genre and expectations for Blue Karma
  • Part 2: Characters
  • Part 3: Plot

The ladies took great care to avoid spoilers, so those of you who haven’t yet read Blue Karma can enjoy their commentary without fear. Now, enough from me–let’s hear from Mallory and Emma about the cli-fi genre and what they expected when they first picked up Blue Karma.

*     *     *

MALLORY: I had high expectations going into Blue Karma because of your review, Emma, and how much I trust your opinion. I’d also never heard of “cli-fi” before and was enthused to try a new genre. In your review you mentioned how this sub-genre “feels both unimaginable and scarily real”, which I completely agree with. I think climate fiction really reflects what the real world could look like not too far in the future. The fresh water situation could eventually become what was portrayed in the book. We could be like Amaya or Logan, fighting to get enough water to survive the week, even doing illegal activities to get enough of it for ourselves and our families. That’s really quite scary, is it not?

EMMA: I’m glad you trust my opinion! Like you, I enjoy dystopian and sci-fi, and part of the beauty of that genre as the fact that it feels as if it is a possibility not too soon in the future; it is in some ways a caution. What with the current global warming crisis, the reality is that something along the lines of Blue Karma could possibly happen in our children’s and grandchildren’s lifetimes. Because of this, cli-fi really has the opportunity to make us think about what we could be doing to the planet, and that is terrifying.

EMMA: You had high expectations going into the book based on my review, but when I read it, I couldn’t find a single review out there — it had only just been released after all. This, and the fact that I hadn’t read cli-fi before, meant I didn’t know what I was getting into. I think that worked in its favour, as I was pleasantly surprised throughout! I had no real expectations, so there wasn’t much opportunity to be disappointed. That was a breath of fresh air, as I often have at least a few expectations going into a book.

MALLORY: In a way that’s actually really cool that you had absolutely no expectations going into the book. You went in with a completely open mind and, luckily, found everything to your liking! That’s totally unlike my experience: I went in expecting it to be really good because of a review I read, so I could have been very disappointed had it not been the kind of book for me.

*     *     *

Check back tomorrow for the second part of Mallory and Emma’s conversation, which discusses the characters in Blue Karma.

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