Reader Reactions: Book Bloggers discuss Blue Karma, Pt 3

The following is the final installment of a collaborative guest post from book bloggers Emma (emdoesbookreviews) and Mallory (The Leaning Tower of Tomes), discussing their impressions of my novel, Blue Karma. Part 3 focuses on the story’s plot. And don’t worry, it’s author-certified spoiler free!

*     *     *

MALLORY: Plot-wise, what did you think? Did you see the political development coming or were you surprised like I was? I didn’t expect what was revealed at the book’s climax, but it actually all made sense once explained. I knew there fishy things going on but never connected them. I love books that weave in political conspiracies that are done well, and I was pleasantly surprised at how subtle yet obvious this one was.

EMMA: I wasn’t completely surprised plot-wise, but there were loads of little elements that I just didn’t see coming! Everything tied in perfectly at the end, and there were no loose ends, which was great! The political aspects were all written very well, and I agree that the book managed to be both subtle and obvious in the best possible way. As the book tied up so well, I found that I didn’t have many unanswered questions by the end. Was there anything you wanted to know yet didn’t get an answer to?

MALLORY: I don’t think so! J.K. really wrapped everything up well with the plot and the characters. Most everything got resolved, and I was very happy with the ending. Blue Karma made me completely invested in Amaya, Logan, and, eventually, Paul’s journeys. I felt like I was right there with them, experiencing their world and their trials. I came out of this book with so much to think about, about climate change, about the future of our world, and about how people are resilient and resourceful. Any last words to add? Looks like we’ve covered a good many aspects of the book.

EMMA: I think that’s covered all I wanted to mention! I had great fun discussing the book with you!

MALLORY: Great! What a lovely conversation we’ve had about Blue Karma. Thanks, Emma! And thank you, J.K., from the both of us, for writing such a terrific story and giving us so much to talk about.

*      *      *

Thanks to you too, Mallory and Emma, for taking the time to share your thoughtful conversation about the book. I’m so glad you both enjoyed Blue Karma. Here’s hoping my next novel is worthy of another good discussion! If you’ve enjoyed hearing from these two astute readers, be sure to visit their blogs and see what they have to say about other titles.

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