“From Captain Planet to Blue Karma”: my writing journey

4141714882_83238f3317_oSo how the heck did I become a writer? And what experiences shaped me into the kind of writer I am today? I’d never thought deeply about this question until the editor at SolaFide Publishing asked me to contribute a guest post discussing the lessons I’ve learned during my development as a writer. The resultant essay surprised me, revealing unacknowledged influences and a dream that took a quarter-century to reach fruition. It’s a quirky, geeky story–a journey from library essays to fan fiction to the agonies of institutionalized creative writing–but shares epiphanies I think all writers will appreciate. The piece just went up today, so check out “From Captain Planet to Blue Karma: One Writer’s Journey to Authorship” on the SolaFide Publishing blog!

2 thoughts on ““From Captain Planet to Blue Karma”: my writing journey

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  1. Omg. I love everything about this. My favorite part :”Desperate to quell the writing compulsion, I turned to the popular street drug of young writers: fan fiction. ”
    Also, hunger games was the book I read out of college that brought me back to my love for reading! #twinning.


    1. Glad you can relate, Sarah! At first I was hesitant to share the slightly embarrassing history of my authorial development, but I hoped that others (both readers and writers) would appreciate the candor. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? 😉


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