Review of Blue Karma on Amid The Imaginary

The modern literary sphere needs more rebels like Anela. She’s denounced major publishing labels and devoted her book review blog, Amid The Imaginary, exclusively to discovering self-published books in the sci-fi/fantasy/dystopian/paranormal genres. Yesterday she posted her review of Blue Karma. I appreciated the thoughtful commentary, and the critique I’ve already taken into consideration as work progresses on The Darksider part one. What really made my day was Anela’s recognition of the factual detail I incorporated into the book.

Research is actually one of my favorite aspects writing science fiction–as an incorrigible philomath, I love the excuse to learn new things–but it’s also a challenge. Gathering and organizing information takes a lot of time. Inconvenient facts blow can holes in major plot points, forcing me to restructure scenes or even entire chapters. Juicy factoids beg for inclusion, but showcasing scholarship risks dragging down the story with arbitrary data. If I do my job well, the facts integrate seamlessly with the narrative…and most readers won’t notice. As the God-entity says in Futurama:

Futurama Doing Right

I was particularly flattered that Anela acknowledged my effort to make Blue Karma read like a realistic future. But enough spoilers; go read her review for yourself! If you’re a fan (or writer) of sci-fi and fantasy, consider subscribing to the Amid The Imaginary newsletter as well.

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