100th Post: A Year of Milestones

It’s my 100th post! Hard to believe I’ve been curating this site for over a year. Add that to the surprising list of 2015 milestones. Published my first novel. Wrote a piece for a prestigious national magazine. Got married. Wait, what? Er, I mean, “good news, everyone!” My Laddie and I eloped on Monday!

IMGP4128A big, lavish wedding was never our plan anyway. So once we’d decided to tie the knot, we just skipped off to the courthouse with a few family members. Standing beneath beautiful autumn trees, we pledged to love one another without reservation, no matter whose baseball team wins. Instead of traditional ceremony readings, we asked guests to read our favorite words on love from Ray Bradbury, Henry James, and Carl Sagan. Geeky and unconventional, but sincere, just like we ourselves.

None of it has quite sunk in yet. The ring on my left hand catches the light as I type, an unfamiliar adornment distracting my eyes from the page. I stare at it with a marvelous mix of joy and disbelief. One of my literary heroes, Mark Twain, wrote “a marriage makes two fractional lives a whole.” I always believed I should be complete and content on my own, but finding someone who complements me in every aspect, and I him, enhanced life in ways I could not have imagined. My Laddie and I have been co-authoring our life stories for two years; now the volumes are officially bound. I’m excited to begin this new chapter together!

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