Blue Karma’s first award!

MedalistWinnerSeal500x500Indie authors face many challenges, but perhaps the greatest is getting their work recognized. One way of distinguishing your title among the flood of self-published material is through book awards. A shiny stamp on the cover immediately tells potential buyers that an objective institution reviewed your book (not just your cousin who gave you a five-star rating on Amazon) and deemed it worth a read.

So, for the second time this month, “good news, everyone!” Blue Karma won its first award!

Last week I received notification that my debut novel won top medalist honors in the cross-genre category of the New Apple Annual Summer E-Book Awards. According to the program’s website, the award was established “to honor the creative achievements of the unsung books fighting for their place within the digital publishing world.” I like that description. Makes me sound like Katniss Everdeen with a laptop, crusading for justice in literature, instead of a nerdy twenty-something who wears a suit to her day job and listens to video game soundtracks while she writes.

Needless to say I’m thrilled. In addition to the cute book bling, the award includes some publicity and a Twitter campaign to promote the book. Advertising is another major obstacle for indie authors, so this is a huge opportunity to introduce my story to some new readers. New Apple will release the official list of winners soon, so check out the other medalists and see what was hot in independent publishing this summer!

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