Pencils: Not Just For Writing Anymore

My husband is a superhero. At least on paper. As part of an inside joke, I draw comic book covers featuring my Laddie as the office version of Captain America.  Armed with a 128-oz coffee mug and a bandolier of Clif bars, this mighty alter-ego battles the insidious forces of bureaucracy. He hangs them at his desk, where (he tells me) they make his co-workers laugh. Recently one of his colleagues remarked that I should include more original art on my blog.

Blog - JK's Hobbies

Once I recovered from the shock than anyone other than the odd misdirected Goodreads member reads my blog, it struck me as a fun idea. Although I don’t think I’m especially good at it, I’ve always enjoyed drawing (I have a fond childhood memory of a Draw Star Wars Characters book that I checked out of the library at every opportunity). I just don’t have much opportunity for it these days. Other than the comics for my Laddie or the occasional self-indulgent bit of fanart, it’s mainly a meeting survival strategy: doodling helps me keep focused during lengthy PowerPoint presentations. I illustrated one blog post back in April, but never thought I had time to make it a regular feature. Now I’m rising to the challenge.

From this day forth, whenever possible and/or appropriate, I will accompany my posts with an original doodle. They won’t be polished or pretty, but I hope they bring you a chuckle just like my Laddie’s office mates. Who knows–their slapdash nature might make them funnier. To kick off this project, I’ve updated two of my recent “Story Fuel” posts with new graphics. If I was better at generating blog traffic, I’d make you hunt for them, but I have too much respect for busy schedules. Check out “Planet Atlantis” and “Approved Asteroid Mining” for goofy sketches. I look forward to sharing a different facet of my creativity. Just don’t let me upload mp3s of my musical compositions!


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