Release Date and ARCs for SYZYGY Pt I

I love NASA’s (presumably) faux recruitment posters for colonizing Mars! They reminded me of a scene in Syzygy Part I:

Image courtesy of NASA and Newsweek.

Ash battled claustrophobia all the way to the Educational Centre, where screens hid the grey walls beneath bright animated posters about astronomy, genetics, and habitat safety. Ash watched an cartoon rocket hop across three globes: blue, white, and red. On the third sphere, a sunflower sprang up where the ship landed.

EARTH YESTERDAY, LUNA TODAY, MARS TOMORROW! read the slogan in cheerful bouncing capitals. The sunflower dissolved and Ash found himself staring at his own life-sized image, posed in full dive gear with a steely expression. Text scrolled over his head: WE DIVE, WE THRIVE! ARE YOU READY TO BE A TERRANAUT?

Ash resisted the impulse to smash the screen with his fist. 

NASA’s poster is almost exactly like what I envision in the story. The other designs evoked specific Syzygy characters in my mind, but I’ll let you guess which ones after you read the book! Barring any catastrophes, I plan to release the first installment of the Syzygy cycle on Tuesday, July 28.

Starting this weekend, I’m offering ARCs to ten readers. If you’re interested, please shoot me a message through my new contact page. In exchange for a free copy, I ask that you post your honest review on Amazon and anywhere else you like to talk about books (Goodreads, book blogs, etc.) once the book publishes. I NEED YOU! ARE YOU READY TO BE A BIBLIONAUT?

You are already, of course. But you should check out Syzygy for a vicarious space colonization before answering NASA’s call!

What do you think?

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