Land of (Kindle) Fire and Ice: Back from Travel, Back to Work

Why should my Syzygy characters have all the fun exploring planet Earth? I want to experience it, too, before it dissolves into one of my dystopian landscapes. So last week my Laddie and I took a journey to Iceland. We climbed a glacier, snorkeled in a frigid rift, hiked along a crater rim, and ate waffles from a food truck on a drizzly city street. Now that my suitcase is (mostly) unpacked and my circadian rhythm is (mostly) back in sync, my writing life can resume its usual patterns…

Syzygy Part II: Opposition Effect, publishes on October 23. Advance review copies are still available (I’ll even include Part I: Transient Phenomena, if you haven’t read it yet). Hit me up on the Contact page to get your free books. 

That red speck on the cliff is yours truly, admiring the final vista of a six-hour hike. Iceland might lose 30% of its glacial mass by 2050, so that ice cap on the horizon might vanish before my next trip.

In addition to helping me recharge and reconnect with the planet, the trip introduced a delightful new bedtime ritual. All our accommodations offered an electric kettle and assortment of teas. Every night my Laddie and I, wearied from the day’s activities, would indulge in a cup or three. Internet and TV access was spotty, so we turned to our Kindles for entertainment. At home we read in bed and manage just a few pages before passing out, but those evenings in Thule let us linger through entire chapters, basking in books and chai-scented steam. It was pure nerd magic. Adventures all day and stories all night: is that what life could be when I’m a bestselling author? I’d better get back to work!

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