Book Launch Delayed Due to Technical Difficulties


Amazon, we have a problem.

Syzygy Pt II: Opposition Effect was supposed to come out today. I followed my usual protocol for publishing through Amazon and uploaded the manuscript in the same time frame I always do. Typically when I do this, the books are available well within the 12-hour time frame Amazon promises.

This time, something went wrong. Opposition Effect should have been available early this morning, but remains inexplicably stuck in “publishing” status on my author dashboard. (The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if the big East Coast hacking event over the weekend affected the platform.) I’ve contacted Amazon for assistance and hope for a prompt resolution.

Here’s the upside to being a relatively unknown indie author: I don’t have any disappointed readers clamoring for advance copies they expected to receive today. But it wounds my personal integrity. I advertised a book release date of October 25, and being unable to fulfill that promise–even due to matters beyond my control–vexes me. In my recent post on why I chose self-publishing, I mentioned the benefits of being involved in the entire publishing process. Today, that includes some unforeseen challenges. I tell myself that someday, when I’m a bestselling writer with a dedicated team to manage these things, I’ll be a little more compassionate to my lackeys because of this experience.

I’ll post an update as soon as I know more. Meanwhile, cross your fingers for me! I look forward to sharing Opposition Effect with you as soon as the internet decides to cooperate.


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