Winter on Wattpad: Free Hibernation Reading

4736024090_f6f4ef013d_bToday the winter solstice brings the year’s longest night to the northern hemisphere. While it may not rival the two-week lunar nights my Syzygy characters endure, the chilly darkness encourages hibernation. ‘Tis the season for to curl up with a hot drink and a good book! You’ll have to make the cocoa yourself, but I’ve got you covered on reading material: I’ve joined the online storytelling platform Wattpad to share some of my work for free.

My Wattpad debut kicked off with teaser chapters of Blue Karma. If you’re curious about my first novel, here’s your chance to try it! The prologue and first four chapters will be available by end of December. They’ve already generated some interesting comments, so come join the discussion. Next year the real fun begins. Starting in January, I’ll be posting complete versions of Syzygy I and II in installments. (Part III is spending the holidays with my trusty beta readers, so expect announcement of the publication date soon.)

So while I spend these dark nights drafting the last two parts of Syzygy, you can explore a winter wonderland of free stories on this vibrant platform. If you don’t already have an account, sign up and start reading (or writing)! Give me a shout on my profile, JK_Ullrich, and let me know if you have any work posted on the site. I’d love to check it out.


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