“Syzygy Pt 3” Now Available for Amazon Kindle!

Gentle readers, I’ve been a lousy correspondent this month, but I assure you my excuses are unassailable. First off, my Laddie and I recently bought our first house! I never considered myself the rooted type, but it’s a smart medium-term solution for us. As a result, I’ve spent the last few weeks schlepping boxes (at least I didn’t have to do it in a historic blizzard like when we moved last January). Secondly, events at the office have demanded lots of 10-hour workdays recently. Between moving and the demands of my day job, I feel like I’ve hardly put any words on pages since the holidays. Thus is the indie author life.

syzygy-cover-pt-3But I did carve out time for seemingly endless revisions of Syzygy Pt III: Retrograde Motionand I’m excited to release it today. It’s the most complex installment thus far, with character revelations and plot twists aplenty. Fans of smart, fast-paced science fiction and dystopian YA stories shouldn’t miss it. (If you haven’t tried the series yet, start reading Pt I, Transient Phenomena, on Wattpad for free right now.)

Three down, two to go, with a juicy novel project waiting in the wings. Now that most of the house is unpacked, I hope to resume my usual writing routines and start drafting Pt IV, Escape Velocity!

What do you think?

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