Earth Day, without Earth? Envision it with a Free Ebook This Weekend.

Isn’t every day Earth Day? We don’t have any days on Mars or the newly discovered exoplanet orbiting dwarf star LHS 1140 (yet). Astronauts had a few days on the moon in the 1960s and 70s, but for most of the seven billion humans in the universe, the only days we have are Earth days. We breathe its air, drink its water, raise food from its soil…and leave all those critical resources in jeopardy with our short-sighted behavior. The toxic politicization of environmental issues mystifies me: keeping our homeworld habitable should be the ultimate bipartisan effort. None of us want to breathe polluted air, lose our homes to rising seas, or watch our families starve during crop shortages. This planet is our literal common ground. Without Earth, what kind of future would we have?
Need some help imagining?

syzygy-cover-pt-1Transient Phenomena, the first installment of my Syzygy series, will be free for Kindle all this weekend in recognition of Earth Day. Explore a near future where the last humans survive on old lunar mining colonies, and the blue planet next door is just a hostile dump to be scavenged…until an enigmatic outsider offers a dangerous alternative.

If you like science fiction with a healthy dose of actual science, high-stakes adventure, and rebellious characters caught up in intricate plots, this is a book for you. Transient Phenomena begins a six-part series that’s been called “a blunt confrontation with the mistakes of mankind and the slender hope for a future“. Let’s just make sure it stays fiction and do something to care for Earth this weekend. Unless you want to live like Ash and Skye (I doubt you will after reading the story), it’s the only home we’ve got.

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