Now on Nook: Me!

Two years ago this week, I published my debut novel Blue Karma. Hard to believe I’ve been at this indie author gig for that much time already (or that little time, depending on how I look at it)! The anniversary makes a perfect kickoff for my platform expansion. That’s right, I’m expanding distribution to include Barnes & Noble Nook. Blue Karma is now available for Nook, and the Syzygy series will follow at the end of June.

Blue-Karma w LJ medalPreparing Blue Karma for Nook made me appreciate how much I’ve learned about this craft over the past two years. I hadn’t gone back to the book since publication for fear of judging my early work. A few parts of it made me cringe–I told readers all about what “Amaya saw” or “Logan felt” or “Paul thought”, a third-person framing style I no longer favor–but I resisted the impulse to rewrite the entire thing and concluded that overall the story help up quite well.

The formatting was another matter. Oh my. What a disaster. Excessive margin padding, indentations out of whack, mismatched quotes….almost every line needed attention. Back in 2015, just creating a functional .mobi file excited me. Today, with a still-imperfect but improved knowledge of e-book creation, I can provide my readers the more polished product they deserve. To everyone who braved my original, amateurish format and still gave Blue Karma rave reviews: thank you. You motivate me to continue growing as an author.

So if you’ve been waiting to read this book on your Nook device, sorry it took so long! Indie authorship is a wild ride, with thrilling highs, sickening plunges, and a roller coaster learning curve. But it’s always an adventure, and I hope this platform expansion will invite new readers along for the journey.




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