Recent Reads: “Deviation”, by A. Deen

Short airplane flights are a mixed blessing. On one hand, I only have to endure an hour or two of having my kneecaps crushed (civilization is just not built for tall people). But it also doesn’t enable me to get much work done. Typically I use the captive time to force some writing, but on a commuter hop it’s hardly worth digging out my laptop between orders to stow electronics. A short flight is, however, a perfect match for a short story.

dev2On last week’s business trip I was lucky to have an advance review copy of Anela Deen’s new science fiction piece, Deviation. I’m a fan of Deen’s work—eagerly awaiting the final installment of her Insurrection series—and her latest didn’t disappoint, although it was a wicked tease. It starts off a little slow and exposition-heavy, but that’s forgivable in a short story, especially one with such an ambitious idea to convey. Once things get rolling, the concept (which I can’t describe without giving it away) intrigued me. Deen picks up the pace with a suspenseful action sequence and introduces some engaging characters.

My main complaint is that I didn’t get to spend enough time with them. The flight attendants hadn’t even brought out the drink cart when I reached the story’s end. That’s it?! I thought, annoyed. Then I saw the author’s note, which identifies Deviation as a prequel to an upcoming novel. That’s more like it! This notion deserves a longer work to explore it fully, and I’m already keen to learn more about the characters involved. Deviation is a sci-fi amuse-bouche that left me hungry for the main course. And it’s free on multiple ebook platforms, so grab a copy and enjoy speculating until the novel arrives!

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