“Syzygy Pt IV: Escape Velocity” Book Release Date

Indie authorship often seems to disdain the niceties of Newtonian physics. Why do I sometimes struggle to write a word during a lazy three-day weekend, but scratch out two pages before a 7AM meeting? How did I complete the draft of Syzygy Part IV more quickly than any of its predecessors, but take three months to edit the darn thing? Such mysteries abound, but all are subject to the supreme law of the IndieVerse: just get it written.

Syzygy Cover - Pt 4And I’m happy to announce that I did. Escape Velocity, the fourth installment in the Syzygy hexalogy, arrives for Kindle and Nook on Tuesday, June 27.

After surviving disaster and betrayal on Earth, Ash and Skye return to Luna with news they hope will unite their rival colonies. But not everyone welcomes the change their discovery promises to bring. Can they save their two communities, or will the conflict shatter their nascent partnership…and with it, the last chance for a nearly extinct human race?

The first three stories, already available on Amazon, will be released on B&N the preceding weekend (and they’re all discounted to 99c for the summer so you can catch up in time for the new release). If you like sci-fi adventures with a strong foundation in current science and more twists than a boardwalk roller coaster, add this series to your summer reading list! As always, I’m looking for a handful of early reviewers to receive free advance copies in exchange for their unbiased reviews. If you’re interested, let me know through the Contact page. I can’t wait to share the story with all of you.

What do you think?

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