New Season, New Site!

As summer draws to a close, so does my mad blitz to finish the Syzygy series. I plunged into the story like the deep end of a pool, drafting nearly 60,000 words in about six weeks. That’s an unprecedented rate of productivity for me. Now, with Red Shift in the hands of my beta readers and Right Ascension pending revision, I’ve surfaced to catch my breath and attend to some other long-neglected aspects of my authorial platform. First up, a remodeled web space!

Ah yes, you probably thought something looked different in here….after a Sunday afternoon alternately swearing at WordPress templates and squealing with glee at their power, I completed the overdue redesign of this site. I hope you’re as excited about the result as I am. In addition to an improved interface, it now features a library of Writer’s Blocks, my instructional posts on writing. The inspiration? I recently discovered some great Twitter chats with other writers (looking at you, #JustAddTea!) and realized how much indie authors can offer one another in terms of honing their craft. Dedicating a page to this material lets me share what I’ve learned and hopefully make a constructive contribution to the community.

The fresh look also heralds a renewed commitment to platform management. I’ve been so submerged in Syzygy (and slaving away at my day job—the double life of indie authors isn’t easy to balance) that I haven’t been engaging with readers the way I should. Expect to see effort this autumn, including more consistent blogging, a giveaway, and announcements about my next project. Meanwhile, please click around these revitalized pages and share your feedback with me in the comments.

What do you think?

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