Publication Announcement: “Syzygy Pt V: Red Shift”

Today marks the autumn equinox. Fall is finally here…and so is the fifth installment of the the Syzygy hexalogy! Red Shift arrives October 17. What kind of trouble have Ash and Skye gotten themselves into now?

Syzygy Cover - New V

“The long-divided clans of lunar survivors reconnect at last, but a century of distrust isn’t easily overcome. Determined to forge an alliance between their fractious communities, Ash and Skye undertake a second Earth mission. Old enemies and new revelations await them. As dark truths about the past threaten humanity’s fragile chances for the future, only Ash and Skye’s evolving partnership can unite the survivors…if it can withstand shattered hopes and unthinkable loss.”

This was a particularly exciting story to write. All the plot’s intricate threads begin tying together, ensnaring the protagonists in a web of deceit and determination. As the knots tighten, their true natures emerge. My greatest satisfaction in Red Shift was not the dire circumstances the characters face, but how those challenges ignite their internal battles of loyalty, doubt, and desire.

All that rewarding growth, however, comes at a price. Ash, Skye, and their allies have a rough time of it in this book. I made myself cry at least once while drafting (and I’m not known for sentimentality). But, as I told one of my shocked beta readers, “saving humanity is not a risk-free activity”. In astronomy terms, we’ve hit the event horizon. There’s no going back now. Red Shift throws open the throttle and launches our heroes towards the finale in part VI, Right Ascension.


As usual, I’m offering ARCs for review, so if you’re a book blogger or Goodreads guru willing to give your honest opinion on some science fiction adventure, hit me up on the Contact page. I can’t wait to share this latest episode with you all!

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