“Syzygy” Omnibus: The Journey to a Complete Edition

Syzygy Omnibus Cover

The Syzygy omnibus arrives on Amazon Kindle today! I’m excited to bring you this new edition of my science fiction series. It’s more than just six novelle crammed into a single volume; it presents the saga as a continuous story, the way it always existed in my mind. As a bonus, this version includes Wild Type, a previously unpublished prequel novelette revealing the backstory of one of my favorite characters. The book totals more than 150,000 words, double the length of my debut novel, Blue Karma. Just skimming the manuscript makes my pulse quicken—I never imagined I could write a book that long, a world that complex, or characters so familiar I could count off their heartbeats. Incredible that my little epic developed from such humble seeds.

Wild Type cover 2

Syzygy, a story with genetic engineering themes at its core, is a hybrid itself. Part originated in a space opera story I began as a teenager, in which teams of adolescents (including a quiet boy named Ash and a plucky early ancestor of Hazel) undertake illicit transport runs that demand the physical resilience of youth. Although I never finished that project, the idea of young characters forced into emotional maturity by dangerous survival missions stuck with me. Later, as my sweeping galactic visions came to focus on Earth’s near future, I explored various plot lines about a hostile post-human Earth. The two strands of narrative DNA eventually came together and became Syzygy. In that way, this story reflects my own evolution as a writer over the past 15 years. Maybe that’s one reason it was so hard to stop revising and finally call it done.

But now that I have, I get to share it with all of you in this complete edition. Happy reading to all who give it a try; I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Your feedback will help me keep evolving as an author and writing ever-sharper fiction for now!

What do you think?

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