Visit the Moon for 99c: Celebrating NASA’s 60th with a Sci-Fi Book Sale

Sixty years ago today—July 29, 1958—President Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and Space Act, creating NASA. The U.S. space agency pioneered numerous exploration efforts around our home planet, into our local solar system, and beyond towards the far reaches of the universe. What better way to celebrate NASA’s 60th anniversary than with a journey  to the moon? Oh, you don’t have $150 million for a ticket aboard the Soyuz spacecraft? Don’t worry, I can get you close for less than a cup of cheap coffee.

The Syzygy omnibus, normally $4.99, is on sale for just 99c all week long. ‘Syzygy’ is an astronomy term referring to the straight-line configuration of cosmic objects. As the title of my science fiction series, it also connotes the alignment of events, loyalties, and consequences that characterize the story:

After a disaster confines human survivors to crumbling lunar outposts, conscripted teenage “terranauts” scavenge Earth for species to terraform Mars. Desperate to save his community, star diver Ash strikes a dangerous bargain with Skye, a wily interloper from the dark side rebels. Will their fractious partnership secure a future for humanity, or finally drive it to extinction?

imageThis Kindle-exclusive edition includes all six installments of the original novella hexalogy, plus a prequel novelette that reveals the backstory of one of my favorite characters. All together, it’s more than 500 pages of sci-fi adventure. While it may not be quite the same as putting your footprint beside Neil Armstrong’s, readers say that I “excel at putting the ‘science’ in science fiction.” That doesn’t slow down the story: “the fast-paced plot has lots of twists and turns,” according to another reviewer. But as Levar Burton used to say on my beloved childhood TV show Reading Rainbow, “you don’t have to take my word for it!” Grab a copy yourself and spend NASA’s birthday imagining life on the moon.

Whether you love dystopian YA books, realistic science fiction, or just a good 99-cent Kindle sale, I’ve got you covered from July 29 through August 4.

If you do read the book and enjoy it, I hope you’ll let me know through reviews, or comments here on my website. Why? Because I’ve got ideas for additional stories in the Syzygy universe, providing it’s a place where readers want to spend more time. As an indie author, I don’t write books to chase a marketing trend or satisfy the whims of a publishing house: I write for the love of stories and those who share it. (Trust me, anyone who spends three years writing a book and sells it for 99 cents isn’t in it for the money.) Will you join my crew of creative adventurers exploring tomorrow’s frontiers? This week’s book sale is a perfect a chance to find out!

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