Thanks for browsing my library of published fiction. I write the kind of novels I like to read: memorable characters in richly textured worlds, navigating plots with more twists than a DNA helix. Hesitant to try indie books without a known publisher’s seal of approval? You’re not alone. That’s why Transient Phenomena, the first installment in my Syzygy series, is free to download for both Kindle and Nook. Give a rebel writer a chance to earn your readership!

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Blue Karma

In a near future where water is Earth’s most valuable commodity, three teenagers–an ice poacher, an AWOL soldier, and the heir to a hydrology empire–fight for survival amid a tempest of climate and conspiracy. Winner of the 2015 LibraryJournal Best Self-Published E-Book Award.


After a disaster drives human survivors to crumbling lunar outposts, conscripted teenage “terranauts” scavenge Earth for species that will terraform Mars. Desperate to save his community, one of them strikes a dangerous bargain with a wily interloper from the dark side rebels. Will their fractious partnership secure a future for humanity, or finally drive it to extinction?

Binary Chop

Racing to disrupt the bionics black market before violence erupts among Baltimore’s cyborg gangs, a detective blurs the lines between justice and revenge…and human and machine.