Thanks for browsing my library of published fiction. If you enjoy these titles, please consider posting a review on the retail site, Goodreads, or wherever you like to talk about books. Reviews are critical for indie authors building their platform; a sentence and some stars are the best and easiest way to help us keep writing books you’ll love.

Blue Karma

In a drought-stricken future, three teenagers—a refugee ice poacher, an AWOL soldier, and the heir to a hydrology empire—fight to protect North America’s dwindling water supply.

Young Adult Climate Fiction


Hunting a hidden seedbank on ruined Earth, rival lunar colonists uncover truths about the genetic engineering disaster that drove humans from their homeworld, a discovery that could save their species…or finally drive it to extinction.

Young Adult Science Fiction

What you can expect from my books:

  • SOUND SCIENCE. I conduct extensive research to build my future worlds on plausible foundations. Writing science fiction is a terrific excuse for me to learn new things; I hope to pique your curiosity, too.
  • PAGE-TURNING PLOTS. I like stories that grab me from the first sequence, and plots with more twists than a DNA double helix.
  • COMPLEX FEMALE CHARACTERS. These were lamentably absent from much of the sci-fi available in my youth, so I vowed to change that with my own stories. I strive to make all my characters interesting, of course, but I pay particular attention to dismantling gender stereotypes.
  • DIVERSE CASTS. Because no matter what other demographics we claim, we’re all Earthlings, sharing this planet and its problems (and hopefully some solutions, too).
  • NO GRAPHIC SEXUAL EXPLOITATION. There’s enough of that garbage in society without putting it in my books. Slow-burn ships are way more fun, anyway!
  • CLEAN COPY. Indie authors have a bad reputation for poor editing. Everyone misses a typo now and then–even traditional publishers–but I promise to deliver proofread, professional-quality manuscripts.

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