Flash Fiction with #VSS365: October 2019

Sometimes #VSS365 flash fiction prompts are perfect opportunities to share glimpses of my longer works. October's collection, with its macabre Halloween theme, proved ideally suited to the visceral elements of my cyberpunk novel Binary Chop. Every installment this month is an excerpt from the book, modified for length where necessary. Prompts are in bold, and... Continue Reading →

Flash Fiction with #VSS365: June 2019

July was a hurricane, friends. In addition to the usual demands of a full-time job by day and wrestling with final revisions on Binary Chop by night, my month included: A whirlwind international business trip; Publication of the fourth Brave New Girls science fiction anthology, featuring my short story "Armed for the Future"; Big projects and... Continue Reading →

Guest Posts and Interviews – Spring 2019

I've been busy as an endangered bee this spring, working on revisions on Binary Chop (I dispatched it to my beta readers this weekend, so I get a few days to rest my fingers and wallow in anxiety before the final round). Thankfully, the good people of the writing community gave me several opportunities to... Continue Reading →

One hundred years ago today--on the eleventh day of the eleventh month at the eleventh hour, 11 November 1918--Germany signed the armistice that brought World War I to a close. Sixteen million people, military and civilians, died in the four years of conflict. But the "war to end all wars" left some conflicts unresolved, and this... Continue Reading →

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