Book Review: “Children of Time”

“Well, now I’m going to have nightmares,” said my Laddie mildly, without taking his eyes from his Kindle. I glanced across the pillow at him. “Why?” “Because this book has giant spiders…and they’re better characters than the humans.” Adrian Tchaikovsky's Children of Time will make even arachnophobes rethink their prejudices. Without spoiling too much of the... Continue Reading →

Review: “The Rain” (Netflix)

Some stories are like favorite family vacation spots. They promise a certain kind of experience and, even though you've done it before, it doesn't diminish your enjoyment. On the contrary, the good-time guarantee is what keeps you coming back. The Netflix original series The Rain is a summer-vacation kind of story, familiar narrative territory with... Continue Reading →

Game Review: “Horizon: Zero Dawn”

After moving three times in as many years, my Laddie and I vowed to accumulate less stuff. And so last December, instead of exchanging presents, we bought ourselves a single joint gift: a new game console. We agonized for weeks over which system to get, but finally settled on the PS4 because it was the... Continue Reading →

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