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I have a degree in creative writing, but that’s not how I learned to write. I learned to write by writing. Badly at first, then a little better. The journey continues. Hemingway said it best: “we are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” My passion for words and stories is an ongoing adventure, and this online journal chronicles my discoveries.

Why help other writers? Because indie authorship isn’t a competition, it’s a community. We’re all together in shattering the self-publishing stigma, so individual growth benefits all of us. Below is a curated collection of my blog posts devoted to the craft. (They’re not exclusively for writers; readers may also find them useful for analyzing, critiquing, and appreciating literature.) If there’s a particular topic you’d like me to tackle, suggest it via my Contact page.

Writing is more than just a craft, however; it’s a lifestyle, full of quirky chapters that could fill a book of their own. JK’s Journal shares the personal side of the page, exploring how stories and storyteller shape each other in unexpected (and often humorous) ways.  I try to be bracingly honest about my own experiences, so if you enjoy chuckling at nerdy hijinks, don’t miss these posts.

How to Write a Novel

Shipping & Handling: Writing Relationships to Root For


Plotting and Story Structure

Independent Authorship

Science Fiction

Environmental Hazards: Five Challenges of Writing Climate Fiction

JK’S Journal

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