Chocolate and the Death of Adventurous Reading

Chocolate isn’t supposed to make you sad. Usually the kitschy inspirational messages on Dove wrappers bring me a pleasantly contemptuous chuckle (except the one that reads “Be more loquacious. Start by learning the word ‘loquacious’.” Really, Dove? Making assumptions about the extent of my vocabulary? Your place is to indulge me, not insult me). But tonight’s... Continue Reading →

“Blue Karma”, coming to a library near you!

As Futurama's Professor Farnsworth would say, "Good news, everyone!" Blue Karma has been accepted into Library Journal's curated SELF-e collections and named as a feature selection! Patrons of subscribing libraries across the country can now access the book via BiblioBoard Library. I practically grew up in my local library system, so I'm thrilled with the opportunity... Continue Reading →

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