Sci-Fi Strikes Back: How Genre Fiction Can Combat Scientific Censorship

No longer content to misshelve his favorite fictions in the non-fiction section of our national discourse, our new Librarian in Chief now wants to ban the entire 500 class of the Dewey decimal system: science. Last week the Trump administration issued a so-called “gag order”  banning federal science institutions—including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Agriculture, and Department of... Continue Reading →

100th Post: A Year of Milestones

It's my 100th post! Hard to believe I've been curating this site for over a year. Add that to the surprising list of 2015 milestones. Published my first novel. Wrote a piece for a prestigious national magazine. Got married. Wait, what? Er, I mean, "good news, everyone!" My Laddie and I eloped on Monday! A big, lavish wedding... Continue Reading →

The Literature Museum: Sci-Fi and Sexism

“Think of it as the literature museum,” my father told me when I was fifteen. I was a dually-enrolled high school student at the local college, and frustrated with some of the ideas I encountered in the curriculum’s so-called classic novels. Dad, a veteran English major himself, helped me contextualize the antiquated stories by likening... Continue Reading →

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