Game Review: “Horizon: Zero Dawn”

After moving three times in as many years, my Laddie and I vowed to accumulate less stuff. And so last December, instead of exchanging presents, we bought ourselves a single joint gift: a new game console. We agonized for weeks over which system to get, but finally settled on the PS4 because it was the... Continue Reading →

Tricks and Treats, Pt II: Free Kindle Candy!

Happy Halloween! Are you ready for some online trick-or-treating? I don't have carved pumpkins or fake spiderwebs like your decor-enthusiast neighbors, but instead of chocolate or granola bars, I'm giving out free e-books. (Can you imagine collecting books door-to-door all night? How do I start a new holiday?!) Here's how it works: ring my digital "doorbell" on October 31st by submitting... Continue Reading →

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