Cultivating Plots: How to Grow your Series

After a wild winter here in the mid-Atlantic, spring has finally arrived. Daffodils bob on the highway medians, the famous local cherry trees cast pink carpets under my feet when I run, and my Laddie gulps allergy pills with his morning coffee. I can’t wait to get my hands in the soil, but for the … Continue reading Cultivating Plots: How to Grow your Series


Sentenced: Struggles with Short Stories

Stephen King must have a much more affectionate relationship with short stories than I do. The past two months I spent writing pieces for ASU’s cli-fi short story contest—submitting them just a few days shy of the deadline last Friday—didn’t feel like a passionate, mysterious encounter. More like a home invasion. Let’s review the charges: … Continue reading Sentenced: Struggles with Short Stories

Blue Karma Scores a Hat Trick

My debut novel just went 3-for-3 in independent publishing awards! Blue Karma made finalist in the Shelf Unbound indie book competition. Thousands of authors submitted their novels (so I'm told) so top six is a terrific accomplishment. Sarah (@sarahplusbook), the dystopian editor for Shelf Unbound, reviewed Blue Karma this summer and encouraged me to submit it. Thanks, Sarah: here's further proof that authors … Continue reading Blue Karma Scores a Hat Trick

Blue Karma’s first award!

Indie authors face many challenges, but perhaps the greatest is getting their work recognized. One way of distinguishing your title among the flood of self-published material is through book awards. A shiny stamp on the cover immediately tells potential buyers that an objective institution reviewed your book (not just your cousin who gave you a five-star rating on Amazon) and deemed … Continue reading Blue Karma’s first award!