Review: “The Rain” (Netflix)

Some stories are like favorite family vacation spots. They promise a certain kind of experience and, even though you've done it before, it doesn't diminish your enjoyment. On the contrary, the good-time guarantee is what keeps you coming back. The Netflix original series The Rain is a summer-vacation kind of story, familiar narrative territory with … Continue reading Review: “The Rain” (Netflix)


Fiction’s Dark Mirror: Dystopia and the 9/11 Generation

I knew something was wrong when I woke to the television muttering downstairs. My parents rarely watched anything other than evening news and weather. If they’d turned it on at nine a.m. on a Tuesday, it could only mean trouble. In trepidation I crept downstairs and into the living room. Mom sat in front of the … Continue reading Fiction’s Dark Mirror: Dystopia and the 9/11 Generation

Review of Blue Karma on Amid The Imaginary

The modern literary sphere needs more rebels like Anela. She's denounced major publishing labels and devoted her book review blog, Amid The Imaginary, exclusively to discovering self-published books in the sci-fi/fantasy/dystopian/paranormal genres. Yesterday she posted her review of Blue Karma. I appreciated the thoughtful commentary, and the critique I've already taken into consideration as work progresses on … Continue reading Review of Blue Karma on Amid The Imaginary

Recent Reads: “We” by Yevgeny Zamyatin

1984 is often regarded as the original dystopia, but Orwell himself acknowledged that the novel was somewhat derivative. His inspiration? Yevgeny Zamyatin’s 1921 novel We, evolutionary ancestor of the totalitarian sci-fi stories so popular today. It’s easy to dismiss the book as cliched until one places it on the continuum of speculative fiction and remembers that … Continue reading Recent Reads: “We” by Yevgeny Zamyatin