Top 5 Wednesday: Banned Books

“Ban a book? How can someone control what I read?” I demanded. It was the mid-1990s and our local librarians had asked my mother, a trusted patron with an educator’s objective eye, to evaluate a young adult novel another parent was lobbying to ban. For me, books were like oxygen: ubiquitous, essential, and in almost unlimited supply. I... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Required Reading

There’s something oxymoronic about this topic: “favorite” and “required” don’t usually go together for me. I grew up a bibliophile and usually had several reads in progress at any given time, but the moment someone made a book mandatory, it became onerous (on at least one occasion I threw a screaming fit at being forced... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Character Tropes

Okay, technically it's Thursday (I've been traveling, so I'm running late this week, sorry)! But I still wanted to share in the fun of comparing favorite character tropes. Bickering Romance My favorite character trope dates back to at least 1599, exemplified by Beatrice and Benedick in Shakespeare’s brilliant comedy Much Ado About Nothing. These couples... Continue Reading →

Calling all book reviewers!

I'm excited to join the bibliophile community on GoodReads! (It's a big step in overcoming my so-1990s phobia of social media and web forums.) To celebrate, I'm asking other GoodReads members, bloggers, and bookworms to review Blue Karma in exchange for a gift copy from me. No, it's not a bribe: I want you to be honest in... Continue Reading →

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