Review of Blue Karma on GirlPlusBook

Sarah (@sarahplusbook) just posted her review of Blue Karma on the awesome GirlPlusBook YA book review blog. Thanks, Sarah! Maybe I'm a flash nerd, but I got a huge kick out of the drop-down window with the quote from Amaya. It makes my story feel like a really cool video game or something. I smiled to see Blue Karma recommended... Continue Reading →

Guest post on SolaFide Publishing Blog

In case you missed the article I wrote a few weeks ago on marketing techniques for indie authors, it's been featured as a guest post on the blog of SolaFide Publishing, a self-publishing consulting company that offers many services to independent authors. With options for perfecting your manuscript and my tips on shameless self-promotion of your... Continue Reading →

My next book!

To all of you in the blogosphere who’ve suffered weeks of shameless teasers, and to people close to me who’ve endured a month of indecision and unedited draft chapters, I’m pleased to introduce…my next novel. Or should I say, my next three novels? Yes, the reason I hesitated about tackling this project is because it’s a trilogy.... Continue Reading →

Those who are about to be reviewed salute you

Yesterday's free book promotion resulted in more downloads of Blue Karma than I anticipated! I compulsively refreshed the sales report all day long, watching the line graph expand to steeper and steeper angles. I don't know nearly that many people, so it wasn't just the friends and family I nagged into picking up a copy. My shameless advertisements... Continue Reading →

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