Reader Reactions: Book bloggers discuss Blue Karma, Pt 1

I’m excited to bring you this guest trilogy from the first two independent reviewers to read Blue Karma! Book bloggers Emma (from emdoesbookreviews) and Mallory (from The Leaning Tower of Tomes) kindly agreed to write a collaborative post discussing their thoughts on the book. Rather than abridge their conversation, I’m going to deliver it in installments: Part... Continue Reading →

Blue Karma in emojis

Sarah K. (@sarahplusbook) at the GirlPlusBook blog continues to make my day. She just tweeted this fantastic emoji version of Blue Karma (author-certified spoiler free): Never thought I'd see one of my books turned into a fan-made graphic novel! I especially love the first line--it captures the prologue with such perfect, hilarious accuracy. Have you read Blue Karma? What's your... Continue Reading →

Review of Blue Karma on eBook Review Gal

Check out the latest review of Blue Karma--this one comes from eBook Review Gal. Thanks, Gals, for the review! The website is much more than reviews; it also features a lot of great resources for indie authors, so be sure to check it out if you've got a book of your own to launch.

Review of Blue Karma on GirlPlusBook

Sarah (@sarahplusbook) just posted her review of Blue Karma on the awesome GirlPlusBook YA book review blog. Thanks, Sarah! Maybe I'm a flash nerd, but I got a huge kick out of the drop-down window with the quote from Amaya. It makes my story feel like a really cool video game or something. I smiled to see Blue Karma recommended... Continue Reading →

Guest post on SolaFide Publishing Blog

In case you missed the article I wrote a few weeks ago on marketing techniques for indie authors, it's been featured as a guest post on the blog of SolaFide Publishing, a self-publishing consulting company that offers many services to independent authors. With options for perfecting your manuscript and my tips on shameless self-promotion of your... Continue Reading →

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