Gender and Genre: Female Sci-Fi Authors are NOT an Alien Species

Okay. Rant time. Remember when Blue Karma won some indie publishing awards late last year? One of the granting organizations just published interviews with the winning authors. Awesome, right? Except for one thing: "[We] recently caught up with author J.K. Ullrich, whose book Blue Karma won the science fiction category. You can click the link below to visit [our] website and read more about his winning... Continue Reading →

Snape & Sensibility & Sci-Fi: Remembering Alan Rickman

My blog is becoming an obituary column. Just days after saying goodbye to David Bowie,  today we face another beloved British performer's sudden departure: Alan Rickman.  Few actors can glide between genres--classics, science fiction, fantasy, and more--and bring such an unmistakable presence to every one. I'm still too shocked to attempt writing a proper tribute, so instead I... Continue Reading →

Chocolate and the Death of Adventurous Reading

Chocolate isn’t supposed to make you sad. Usually the kitschy inspirational messages on Dove wrappers bring me a pleasantly contemptuous chuckle (except the one that reads “Be more loquacious. Start by learning the word ‘loquacious’.” Really, Dove? Making assumptions about the extent of my vocabulary? Your place is to indulge me, not insult me). But tonight’s... Continue Reading →

100th Post: A Year of Milestones

It's my 100th post! Hard to believe I've been curating this site for over a year. Add that to the surprising list of 2015 milestones. Published my first novel. Wrote a piece for a prestigious national magazine. Got married. Wait, what? Er, I mean, "good news, everyone!" My Laddie and I eloped on Monday! A big, lavish wedding... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Wednesday: Banned Books

“Ban a book? How can someone control what I read?” I demanded. It was the mid-1990s and our local librarians had asked my mother, a trusted patron with an educator’s objective eye, to evaluate a young adult novel another parent was lobbying to ban. For me, books were like oxygen: ubiquitous, essential, and in almost unlimited supply. I... Continue Reading →

Recent Reads: “Dawn” by Octavia Butler

As a lifelong sci-fi geek, I thought I’d seen every variant of alien contact narrative the genre had to offer, from the invasion epics to the misadventures of benign visitors to thinly veiled social allegories. Even the enjoyable ones often rely on predictable tropes. But “Dawn”, the first installment in Octavia Butler’s “Xenogenesis” trilogy, captivated... Continue Reading →

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