Book Review: “Failsafe”, by Anela Deen

The author provided me an advance copy of this book for my honest review. But even if she hadn’t, I would have bought one, because I’ve enjoyed all her work I’ve read thus far. After the classic space-opera kicks of her Insurrection series, I was eager to see what she’d create with a whole sci-fi … Continue reading Book Review: “Failsafe”, by Anela Deen


“Syzygy” Omnibus: The Journey to a Complete Edition

The Syzygy omnibus arrives on Amazon Kindle today! I’m excited to bring you this new edition of my science fiction series. It’s more than just six novelle crammed into a single volume; it presents the saga as a continuous story, the way it always existed in my mind. As a bonus, this version includes Wild … Continue reading “Syzygy” Omnibus: The Journey to a Complete Edition

Publication Announcement: “Syzygy Pt V: Red Shift”

Today marks the autumn equinox. Fall is finally here...and so is the fifth installment of the the Syzygy hexalogy! Red Shift arrives October 17. What kind of trouble have Ash and Skye gotten themselves into now? "The long-divided clans of lunar survivors reconnect at last, but a century of distrust isn't easily overcome. Determined to … Continue reading Publication Announcement: “Syzygy Pt V: Red Shift”

Publication Announcement: “Escape Velocity” Now Available!

The fourth volume in my Syzygy hexalogy, Escape Velocity, arrives for Kindle today! (Nook version coming soon--I've encountered some hurdles in setting up that platform, but B&N fans shouldn't have to wait long). What happens in this episode? After surviving disaster and betrayal on Earth, Ash and Skye return to Luna with news they hope … Continue reading Publication Announcement: “Escape Velocity” Now Available!