The Science of “Syzygy”: Lunar Colonization

Pressing his forehead to the cool window, Ash blocked out his companions and watched the pale, pocked surface blossom into detail. Solar panels winked like fallen stars around the rim of Shackleton crater. The colony itself, a cluster of domes joined by tubelike corridors, made raised scars on the moon’s skin. Compared to the glittering seas … Continue reading The Science of “Syzygy”: Lunar Colonization

Recent Reads: “Rendezvous with Rama” by Arthur C. Clarke

“Seriously?” I deadpanned, startling my Laddie from his bedtime Kindle doze. My own e-reader cast its moonbeam light on my pillow, emanating a serenity I didn’t share. “We finally get a female character and the first thing they talk about is her breasts?” This irritating discovery wasn’t completely unexpected. When I began a personal initiative … Continue reading Recent Reads: “Rendezvous with Rama” by Arthur C. Clarke

Book (and rocket) Launch! “Transient Phenomena” now available

My new book has launched! Transient Phenomena, part one of seven in the Syzygy novella series, is now available on Amazon. Appropriately, it's not the only thing blasting off today. At 10:05 EST, NASA will test a powerful new rocket called the Space Launch System (SLS) intended to propel astronauts to Mars. It's an eerie confluence: … Continue reading Book (and rocket) Launch! “Transient Phenomena” now available

Release Date and ARCs for SYZYGY Pt I

I love NASA's (presumably) faux recruitment posters for colonizing Mars! They reminded me of a scene in Syzygy Part I: Ash battled claustrophobia all the way to the Educational Centre, where screens hid the grey walls beneath bright animated posters about astronomy, genetics, and habitat safety. Ash watched an cartoon rocket hop across three globes: blue, … Continue reading Release Date and ARCs for SYZYGY Pt I