The Science of “Syzygy”: Lunar Colonization

Pressing his forehead to the cool window, Ash blocked out his companions and watched the pale, pocked surface blossom into detail. Solar panels winked like fallen stars around the rim of Shackleton crater. The colony itself, a cluster of domes joined by tubelike corridors, made raised scars on the moon’s skin. Compared to the glittering seas … More The Science of “Syzygy”: Lunar Colonization

The Science of “Syzygy”: Space Elevators

The Vator’s cable shone across the inky sea, a nanothread umbilicus glittering with electromagnetic energy. The quad landed among a dozen others on the massive anchor platform. “Ugh, I hate being the last one back,” said Thorn, glancing around at the other vehicles. “There’s going to be a line for the de-con pods.”  As he … More The Science of “Syzygy”: Space Elevators

The science behind the sci-fi: a new post series!

I never cared for the distinctions of “hard” or “soft” science fiction. Any good sci-fi story should strive for plausibility, and heavily technical ideas are often best explored through their societal impact. Why not employ the strengths of both categories? In my own work, I aspire to fuse character and concept so the protagonists’ journeys … More The science behind the sci-fi: a new post series!