Fall, Freelancing, and Fixes: Update on “Syzygy”

I can't believe November is almost over! Is everyone frantically pounding the keys for the final week of NaNoWriMo? I thought about signing up this year, but I wanted to dedicate myself to Syzygy, and working with a manuscript that's already more than 20,000 words seemed like cheating! Admittedly, the draft should be much longer by … Continue reading Fall, Freelancing, and Fixes: Update on “Syzygy”

Blue Karma’s first award!

Indie authors face many challenges, but perhaps the greatest is getting their work recognized. One way of distinguishing your title among the flood of self-published material is through book awards. A shiny stamp on the cover immediately tells potential buyers that an objective institution reviewed your book (not just your cousin who gave you a five-star rating on Amazon) and deemed … Continue reading Blue Karma’s first award!

My next book!

To all of you in the blogosphere who’ve suffered weeks of shameless teasers, and to people close to me who’ve endured a month of indecision and unedited draft chapters, I’m pleased to introduce…my next novel. Or should I say, my next three novels? Yes, the reason I hesitated about tackling this project is because it’s a trilogy. … Continue reading My next book!