Review of Blue Karma on “The Book’s the Thing”

Erika of "The Book's the Thing" was kind enough to accept an review copy of Blue Karma and posted her thoughts yesterday. Thanks, Erika! Be sure to browse the archives as well; her blog includes numerous genres and a lot of intriguing lesser-known titles. It might tip you off to your next engrossing read.

Review of Blue Karma on Amid The Imaginary

The modern literary sphere needs more rebels like Anela. She's denounced major publishing labels and devoted her book review blog, Amid The Imaginary, exclusively to discovering self-published books in the sci-fi/fantasy/dystopian/paranormal genres. Yesterday she posted her review of Blue Karma. I appreciated the thoughtful commentary, and the critique I've already taken into consideration as work progresses on... Continue Reading →

Author Interview on Reading7Mandy Book Blog

After she reviewed Blue Karma, Mandy of the reading7mandy book blog asked me to do an author interview for her page. Her questions made me think critically about some of my writing choices and habits: for example, why I chose to write YA fiction. Having to discuss favorite books was agonizing, though--I have so many! All in all... Continue Reading →

Reader Reactions: Book bloggers discuss Blue Karma, Pt 1

I’m excited to bring you this guest trilogy from the first two independent reviewers to read Blue Karma! Book bloggers Emma (from emdoesbookreviews) and Mallory (from The Leaning Tower of Tomes) kindly agreed to write a collaborative post discussing their thoughts on the book. Rather than abridge their conversation, I’m going to deliver it in installments: Part... Continue Reading →

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