Blue Karma in emojis

Sarah K. (@sarahplusbook) at the GirlPlusBook blog continues to make my day. She just tweeted this fantastic emoji version of Blue Karma (author-certified spoiler free): Never thought I'd see one of my books turned into a fan-made graphic novel! I especially love the first line--it captures the prologue with such perfect, hilarious accuracy. Have you read Blue Karma? What's your... Continue Reading →

Review of “Blue Karma” on emdoesbookreviews

I recently sent a promo copy of Blue Karma to the delightfully articulate Emma, avid reader behind the emdoesbookreviews blog. She posted her review today. I'm not ashamed to admit, I'm thrilled: not only did she enjoy the book, she provided some of the most comprehensive feedback I've gotten since completing the manuscript, which is tremendously... Continue Reading →

Calling all book reviewers!

I'm excited to join the bibliophile community on GoodReads! (It's a big step in overcoming my so-1990s phobia of social media and web forums.) To celebrate, I'm asking other GoodReads members, bloggers, and bookworms to review Blue Karma in exchange for a gift copy from me. No, it's not a bribe: I want you to be honest in... Continue Reading →

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